Satoshi’s e-mail address.

Satoshi Nakamoto used this e-mail address to register on various online forums to announce and talk about his blockchain creation called Bitcoin. There are a few negatives attached to this lead, but you can try to send your personal message to his e-mail address below:

However, seems like it was compromised.

You can read more about this incident here:

Here is a quote form the post:
” Today I received an email from (Satoshi’s old email address), the contents of which make me almost certain that the email account is compromised. The email was not spoofed in any way. It seems very likely that either Satoshi’s email account in particular or in general was compromised, and the email account is now under the control of someone else. Perhaps expired and then someone else registered it.

Don’t trust any email sent from unless it is signed by Satoshi. (Everyone should have done this even without my warning, of course.)

I wonder when the email was compromised, and whether it could have been used to make the post on (Edit: I was referring here to the Dorian Nakamoto post. After I posted this, there was another post.)

September 08, 2014.

How could this have happened? Here is a realistic scenario:
”Is it possible that he deleted the e-mail address @gmx when he left the project and that it has been recycled?  Someone else may have been able to sign up, then use the reset password feature on these other sites.  It is likely that the @gmx address would have been destroyed at the conclusion of his participation in the project, as all relevant information and e-mails have been public from the beginning.  

1) Satoshi finishes with Bitcoin and deletes GMX account
2) He does not delete other accounts (sourceforge, i2p, etc)
3) GMX account is recycled after x period of time
4) Person signs up for @gmx account after it is recycled
5) Passwords for other sites are reset because they still point to the @gmx e-mail address as a recovery
6) Person tries to profit by extortion and fails

This is probably the most likely scenario… and they probably don’t have any of Satoshi’s information because it is unlikely that any e-mails were still in the box when he re-set up the @gmx address.”