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Zudafrica: ” Timestamping of communications indicates East Coast—-think Harvard for British indications and computer labs—-professor? There are lots of A.I. programs that analyse correspondence tics that determine age, culture,education etc. Collection of all his emails is in a book titled” The book of Satoshi” on Amazon. Satoshi handed the project over to Gavin Anderson-now at MIT.Please research the simple theories first—-it is a man, educated in math, flow charts, scientific papers, cryptography, spying with links to the CIA or FBI, deathly afraid of being identified because he had something to lose.Subscription to british newspaper” Remember the Exchequer notation

artistmattem: ” Start with epicenter episode 304 The Forefather of Cryptocurrencies and the Cypherpunk Movement. He talks about writing a paper that had the precursors for making bitcoin. The paper could only be checked out of a library. Look at who checked out the paper and youll find your next lead